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Amber Brownlee


Amber, our devoted Director of CoWorks, is the perfect individual for this position with her extensive experience in event planning, customer relations and building a business from the ground up. Amber’s vision for CoWorks is dedicated to supporting businesses to elevate themselves and growing connections within the CoWorks community. As CoWorks grows across the Greater Vancouver Suburbs so does her vision of a community that people are enthused to be a part of. This networking haven shows the knowledge Amber has accumulated with over 18 years in the hospitality industry, Amber knows how to create an environment where both you and particularly your clients feel welcomed and have everything you need to focus on what is important, your business.

Sarah Wilson

Social Coordinator

Meet Sarah, our Social Coordinator here at CoWorks. With over 12 years of networking and event planning experience, Sarah brings her unique ability to build relationships quickly and network easily with others to CoWorks.

Sarah is an energetic entrepreneur as well as a top sales performer. She understands that small businesses require hard work and perseverance to be successful.

Sarah’s aim is to help other businesses create the success they are looking for while utilizing the beautiful spaces that CoWorks provides.

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