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Roll it out! Foam Rolling 101

Are you an active person or planning on becoming one? Are you tight and sore after working out?

I’m sure you’ve heard of foam rolling and the many benefits of it. What’s important is to know how to use a roller correctly so you don’t injure yourself. We have the perfect instructor Danni to get you well on your way to becoming a healthy and happier version of yourself.

What you will learn:

• Why foam roll?

• What is fascia?

• The benefits of foam rolling.

• How it can help with weight loss, muscle and joint pain, range of motion, flexibility, detoxing and more.

• How to foam roll all major areas of the body.

• Receive an electronic guide with pictures demonstrating how to foam roll each area.

About your Instructor

Danni is the owner of Best Lyfe Fitness, offering personal training and bootcamps in Port Coquitlam. Functional movement plus aesthetics is her jam. She is a kinesiologist (a movement specialist) so she places special emphasis on proper form to help her clients and bootcampees achieve the health, fitness and body shape they’re after, efficiently and injury-free.

One of her favourite muscle groups to target is the glutes (aka the booty) because they are pivotal in stabilizing the lower back and hips. She loves to point out that “a functional tush is usually a good looking one too!”.

Danni is certified in level 1 soft tissue release. She has a special interest in fascial release and strengthening to create a strong, functional physique and enhance whole body detoxification.

Although exercise is her emphasis, she respects that all pillars of health (nutrition, stress, sleep and relationships) in unison contribute to results and a better quality of life. Therefore her programs are holistic in nature and respect proper rest and recovery.

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